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Dancing Time

Adeyemi Ramon Omolaja

Mr. Adeyemi Ramon Omolaja is a professional painting artist with years of experience in different painting works to exhibit natural and environmental activities and occurrences around him.
Adeyemi Ramon was born in Lagos, Nigeria on the 15th of January , 1978. He graduated from Ore-ofe primary school, Egbe ,Lagos . He proceeded to Muslim College, Egbe, Lagos for his Secondary School Certificate. He attended The Polytechnic Ibadan and bagged National Diploma (ND)in Art and Design and Higher National Diploma (HND) in Fine and Applied​ Art.
At the completion of his academic pursuit, he joined the National Gallery of Art , Nigeria and rose to the Principal Technical Officer and spearheaded the designing of various projects for beautification of the state. He has also participated in various international, local exhibitions and Art competitions.

Dancing Time -2018/ Oil on Canvas / 91×120 cm

In African Cultural settings, the zenith of any festival or Celebration is dance. Display of ectasy through rhythmic movement of body skillfully to the sound of music and drums. It can be group or solo performance. The experience is deeply woven into the social fabric of Africa.
“Dancing time’ aptly captured the experience described above. The painting depicts expression of collective activities in Celebration – Dancing, eating, drinking etc.
The characters portrayed are actual people that graced an occasion witnessed by the artist.The dancers, through mainly children, displays an energetic dancing presentation which is no less than that of the professional dancers. This shows their awareness and assimilation of their cultural and social patterns and values.
They performed the  dance without Variation and we’re motivated by monetary gift from an elderly man in appreciation of their performance.
All the background were people in their various Cultural attire dining and winning.

Omi Obi (The Kolanut River)
Omi Obi (The Kolanut River)-2018 / 76 x 105 cm /Oil on canvas

This painting depicts one of the mystery of nature. ” Omi Obi” is a river located in Rore town in Omu Aran, Kwara state in Nigeria. It’s name was derived as a result of the surrounding kolanut trees that formed shade over it.
The river has both historical and spiritual connotation to the people of the town. The historical aspect might be a fiction with spiritual significance that transcends human understanding. The captivating point in this painting is the different out look of the same river which was separated by a log and they never flow into each other. The log also serves as a pedestrian that the people stand on while fetching from the clean side of the river into their basins purposely for domestic use.
The painting portrayed the lowest rank of rural society in sympathetic light. The artistic rendition expressed the interaction of people with nature and their environment.

Water thrill
Water thrill-2019 / 54 x 90 cm / Oil on Canvas

“Water does not have enemy” – This statement is a common parlance in my locality. Of a truth, the thrilling effect of water on human body can not be over emphasize. Water thrill is a painting that catches the real excitement of the moment water is poured on the body.
I was able to represent on canvas the expression that everybody can relate with. This thrilling effect is always sudden, and momentary. Expressing this fleeting moment in detail placed on me a demand to sketch skillfully so that we can all be identify and enjoy this incredible representation in painting.

Anchor-2019 / 90 x 120 cm / Oil on canvas

Anchor has its root in African tradition. It is an oil painting that beautifully depicts a major factor in stabilizing home, family and by extension the society in African traditional and cultural setting. Details attention was paid to every aspect of the painting – the human figures, the food, the stool made of offcut from Palm trees, the rubber slippers and the setting. All objects in the painting are artistical representation of unalloyed satisfaction and longing, beauty and contentment in addition to assured laughter, and stability in it’s simple and purest form. They say “the way to a man’s heart is good food”. Good food is not enough, the manner of presentation also count