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Anna Scarpetti

Anna Scarpetti is a contemporary Italian artist born on 2th of November in 1986; she graduated from the art high school in 2007 and she moved to Venice (where she still lives) to start her studies at the “Academy of Fine Arts” where she gets the first and second level artistic diploma with the highest score. The academic year’s marks, in particular, the artistic and personal path of the artist who is inspired by different artists of different artistic currents in also different years. The study of contemporary art leads her to greater awareness and pictorial determination, making some elements typical and iconic of Anna’s artworks.

2020 / Oil and acrylic on Canvas / 50×70 cm / 2020

Since childhood, Anna has shown a strong propensity for art, in fact producing art was almost an innate necessity that has been shown in her since when she was a child; during the academic course, she participated in various collective exhibitions and competitions.

Hell / 120x80cm/ Mixmedia on Canvas / 2021

Once the academic path is over follows a period of artistic silence for 6 years, in the summer of 2019 Anna returns to paint with a more decisive and mature style that according to her is still evolving. Each canvas is an experiment, an experience that leads to evolution; in her works the moods, thoughts, and perceptions are exorcised through entities placed in surreal and suggestive scenarios, Anna paints freely and spontaneously, extraneous to rules and constraints, gives life to her works traveling between figurative and abstract.

Annihilation / 50 x40 cm /mixmedia on Canvas / 2021
Muzzle / 30×40/ Mixmedia on Canvas / 2021