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Aqsah Shah

Aqsah Shah is a Visual Artist. Born in Toronto, she acquired her BFA degree from Beaconhouse
National University in Lahore, Pakistan, before returning to Toronto where she is currently based
to pursue a career in art. Her work takes inspiration from the impact of dreams on human reality
and vice versa.

Aqsah serves as a digital illustrator for Ottawa based Anaya Arts which is known for its
minimalist art styles. She is also serving as a brand designer for ‘Fight Club’ which is a franchise
of fitness clubs based in Pakistan.

Her work gives the viewers a glimpse into an inconceivable perspective to something otherwise
regular. Her artwork based on this unique perspective has been displayed in different art
exhibitions both in Pakistan & Canada. Her art pieces which include ‘The Twins’, ‘The Birth’,
‘The Vortex’ and ‘Chimerical’ were sold to art collectors in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Canada.
In her spare time, she continuously tries to push boundaries in digital art while highlighting the
sense of absurdity in her work.