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Camille Théodet

Camille Théodet

I am influenced by the classics, dramatics, and religious paintings of art history. I am creating new sense from what already exists in those periods, and reuse picturial codes to reinterpret them. I use my modern eye, proposing a very sarcastic and ridiculous vision of what was considered sacred, by using contemporary technics. This can be the merge of different pieces from different artists, or simply adding a few details that can change the whole meaning of the piece.

Busted / 140 x 120 cm, airbrush-spraypaint-gold-oxydised painting on canvas

My paintings are influenced by my own experiences, the vices of the society and mine.

Juice / 150 x 100 cm, airbrush-spaypaint-acrylic-gold and chrome on canvas
Only god can judge me / 100 x 80 cm, airbrush, spraypaint, gold on canvas