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Who are your biggest influences?

There are so many artists and illustrators that have directly and indirectly influenced me, I like being able to draw a little bit from everyone. However, if I had to choose a short list: Edgar Degas, Francis Bacon and Picasso. 

What is the hardest part of creating an Artwork?

Every piece has its own set of challenges, so there is never just one thing across the board.  I will say that sometimes the challenges can get the better of you. I try to have several pieces I am working on at once so if things aren’t working on one piece I can switch to another if needed.  For example if I am struggling on a painting, I will move to a digital work or to a drawing.  Working in another medium helps take my mind off of the problem I am facing, so I can come back with a clearer path.   

How does art-making impact other parts of your life?

My entire life is really built around creating art.  I work a 9-5 job so I really structure and plan out my days/weeks to give myself not only as much time to work but also try to not get too burnt out from overwork.  I credit my partner for helping me find that balance but I also value her input so much that she really is an equal partner with my decisions on the business side of my work. 

For my birthday a few years back she paid for a sensory deprivation float.  We had both been talking about it and reading about it for a while but when I did that it really changed my perspective and helped open a lot of creative doors for me.  It really helps align me when I am feeling off creatively and provides me with so much inspiration, that I now incorporate floats into my life fairly regularly. 

Which of your artworks are you most proud of?

That’s a hard question to answer. Each piece stands on its own merit and I find some pieces speak to people differently than others.  A piece that may come together quickly may get a great deal of support where another piece I may labor over for some time may not register.  For my first solo show Storyteller I, I did a piece called Thoughts and Prayers, which was a response to the 2018 surge in gun violence.  I don’t consider myself a political artist but I felt this piece really struck a chord during the show and was also featured in another show the following year.   

What are you working on at the moment? 

I have been working on a few dozen new pieces for my next solo show at the Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.  The show is scheduled for later this year, 2021. Of course, everything is slightly on hold with all of the current restrictions, so once it’s safe to travel and the gallery is open to the public we should be back on track.

In addition to that I am focused on building my business over the last year, sending out gallery packets and applying for group and solo shows.

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