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Carl Yonder

Carl Yonder

As a private person I am naturally less inclined to speak to the specific meaning of my art. Speaking to specific meanings and intentions of my art will only work against any deeper meaning they convey to you the viewer. It will limit it to something that you either ‘get’ or ‘don’t.’

Carl Yonder

Art is not binary or finite in its understanding. Religious art is not appreciated only by those who are religious.

Words to describe my art often feel out of reach for me. A single piece may not be made up of a single idea, but a collection of ideas balanced through magic, ritual and intuition until it ‘feels right.’

If I kept a journal and documented all of my thoughts and experiences while creating, a viewer’s understanding of the art would feel limited by that scope suddenly imposed upon it. And again, reduce it to something you either ‘get’ or ‘don’t.’

Carl Yonder

A misheard song lyric might lead to an idea which leads to a series of pieces but if you were to know which song, would that help your understanding of the piece itself? Would you feel a closer connection to my work? Would you begin to think more about what I was listening to rather than the art itself?

Art is about meaningful connections, so I offer a key, not instructions or directions, but a key that can be used to provide a frame of reference when viewing my work;

Imagine you are an archaeologist trying to piece together a narrative of an ancient explorer’s journey through the subconscious.

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