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Celine Carrie

My work presents the 1000 spring, that of life and that present in humans and
nature, of the inner beauty that is constantly reborn. But I also bring out my
inspirations in the sound of music, its movements, the way by listening it can
change emotions and the way of thinking.
I have always been self-taught in my art. Since childhood I like to draw,
mainly thanks to the Japanese art that I found in manga or art books. Over the
years I wanted to test watercolor and acrylic and this is really transform into
something stronger than a passion. I now make abstract portraits with acrylic
paint and I like to bring them details related to nature in a textured way. I bring
a contrast, movements that lead from the dark part to the fiery part, to a
bright, flourishing renaissance.

I want to live fully of my art. Being able to exhibit, sell, collaborate.
To be able to touch many souls and bring them comfort, and in a certain way
find a part of their reflection in my works, or not feeling alone