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Chrystalla Tsiambarta

Chrystalla Tsiambarta is a Cypriot Oil Painter born in Limassol, 1997.

Having been exposed to art from a young age, she developed a deep appreciation for it, which gradually turned into a love to lead her to persuade her higher studies in Fine & Applied Arts. Chrystalla graduated with a BFA in Painting from the University of Western Macedonia, Greece.

Each of Chrystalla’s artworks is clad in symbolism, causing as many feelings as possible. She tries to surround herself with as many as possible images and often a random one will cause an idea that is slowly growing in her head. Most of the time the artist lets the work be influenced and shaped by emotion and memory, and she tries not to control it or force it to fit into a particular subject.

Intense colors, decisive forms, and writing are prime examples of Chrystalla’s themy visual work.