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Coffee Story №10

We are located in the center of Moscow. In the studio of the famous Moscow artist Vera Zanegina. Here we drink coffee, here Vera gives me her lessons. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail, as in the artist’s work itself. All the lines are perfectly thought out, all the paintings are perfect.

Vera graduated with honors from the Moscow State University of Art and Industry, a member of the Association of Artists of Decorative and Applied Arts of the Moscow Union of Artists, a member of the Moscow Union of Designers, actively participates in scientific and art conferences, winner of Russian and international competitions.

– I am deeply convinced that along with the problems of the artistic image in decorative art, the issues of technology are also important. My goal is to draw attention to the new features and capabilities of modern textiles, as well as to use it in other areas of decorative art, in which traditionally textiles were not previously involved.

This is what Faith says about the victory of the new over the old, about the inevitability of development and change, both in life and in creativity and art.

Vera Zanegina is not just an artist. She works with “other colors”.

The innovation in her work is the use of exclusively fibers – a product of recycling plastic bottles, as well as the creation of three – dimensional textile forms by using low-temperature synthetic fibers by heat treatment. Her work is a kind of experiment. The free manner of performing the works speaks of a wonderful sense of inner rhythm.

 – Plastic is a global problem of humanity, – says Vera Zanegina. Through decorative art, the artist actualizes environmental issues. For her, not only the plot-shaped lines of the works are important, but new technologies are important for her. All textile panels of the author are made of polyester fibers – a product of recycling plastic bottles.

The secondary use of polymers is the way to a waste – free cycle of a colossal resource. Vera Zanegina’s works textile recycling art with the reuse of plastic demonstrate the possibilities of extracting useful potential from plastic waste, thus opening and continuing the path to the preservation of the ecosystem.

Our conversation didn’t last long. Vera’s working day is scheduled by the minute: she has a lot of things to do and important meetings. We wish her new luck!!