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Coffee Story №14


– The world around is too colorful and changeable, so it should have a background, – says Yevgenia X. – artist, founder of the Moscow art gallery “Portal”.

The name was not chosen by chance. “Portal” is located in the center of Moscow, in the basement of an old house. When you get here, you involuntarily get lost in time and space, feeling almost between heaven and earth. It’s like in space, where everything is wrong, where there are other priorities and values. A portal where the spirit of art lives.

.. Evgenia was born in a creative family. Her father is a theater director, her mother is an art critic and theater critic. Their daughter simply could not become someone else.

– As a child, I did a lot of acting, demanded attention to myself, depicting different images and characters from fairy-tale stories. Then she studied at the University of Culture, and later at the Institute of Cinematography. By education, I am an actor, director, producer. And each of them had to be and has to be.

Yevgenia played on stage. She knows the cinema from the inside. But she also has another vocation – an artist. She calls her paintings plastic sketches.

– My works are like a personal diary. I describe my life situations and record my emotions. This is what Yevgenia says about her own work. Each of her paintings is a splash of emotions. The conversation is not with the viewer,

but with yourself. Evgenia has been an organizer and participant of many exhibitions – in Russia and abroad. She is the author of interesting art projects. The favorite project “Without Borders” brought together artists from all over the world and became an annual one.

So the idea of creating your own gallery was born, corresponding in spirit to the inner state of the author. The Limitless Portal is a space in which artists, poets, musicians and viewers intersect with each other.

Evgenia organized a gallery according to international standards:

– This is what they do in Europe. The portal is a gallery-bar.

Different drinks are served here, but they fit perfectly into the image of the institution-they relax and give creative currents a new semantic rhythm – contemplation and creation.

The weekly change of expositions creates a continuous movement in the “Portal” – views and currents are mixed here, people of different ages, ranks and”estates” come here. Here you can meet an intelligent philosophy teacher and funny guys and girls in jeans… They come to listen to jazz.

The hostess thinks everything through to the smallest detail. Black walls, black ceiling, black furniture and a white stone floor splattered with bright colors. On one of the walls there is a wooden panel, on which exclusive jewelry is beautifully hung – also a hobby of the versatile Eugenia.

“It was kind of delayed,” she says. Teaming up with an artist-jeweler, she learned how to melt silver and make intricate braids of stones – also to invest herself in this kind of art. “Everything is only natural, stones, metal – the unity of a person with the surrounding world, nature. This is energy.” There is plenty of it in the Portal gallery. Here you really rest your soul. Going down the steep steps to the basement in the center of Moscow, you get renunciation of time, from the external bustle. Creativity lives here, and like-minded people worship it. This is the most valuable thing that Yevgenia managed to do – to find a balance, to balance the frenzied pace of the metropolis with the black silence of the “Portal”, in which many people find new inspiration for themselves.

I have never received so many positive emotions from the color black. I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t know yet if I wanted to be on the surface of the earth again… Let our coffee be long this time.