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Coffee Story №19


The Creative Union of Professional Artists (TSPH) was established in 2008 on the professional basis of artists of different genres.

The Union became the honored master of folk artists of Russia, member of the Russian Academy of arts, laureate of the State prize of the USSR, RSFSR, graduates of leading arts institutions – Academy named after Surikov Academy named after Stroganov, Russian State Institute of cinematography.

The chairman of the union is Ivan Ignatkov, who believes that the union is formed as a tool necessary for a creative person to realize his potential. The total number of the union is 2939 people.

TSPH unites professionals in the following areas: painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative and applied arts, design, fashion, art photography.

The Union is a regional and international organization. The partner countries Cyprus, Israel, France, Ukraine, and Bulgaria are improving the barrier-free communication environment, which is an important step towards the formation of a universal cultural and humanitarian space.

Each artist of the union is original and unique. All together, they are a single space of art. Especially interesting are those standing “at the helm”. I would like to tell about Victor Samochatova, the Deputy Chairman TSPKH, Honorary worker of culture of the Russian Federation.

Victor Scooters was born in the Soviet Union, in Odessa to a musical family. Her mother is an Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR, a concert pianist, and her father is a long-distance sailing captain. Victor is a musician, pianist, and artist. He is a recognized talented abstract artist. His work also traces the features of expressionism. Victor Scooters have won national and international competitions, including the Marguerite long competition in Paris in the late 1970-ies.

The artist’s life biography is multifaceted. At one time, he worked in construction, deputy general Director of the construction company “Packard”. He was the director of a music school. He also worked in the diplomatic field – as an employee of the consular department of the Soviet Embassy in Warsaw,

“An artist, like a musician, like a writer, is supposed to carry an idea, a picture should have a deep meaning, it is not made for one day. Creating a picture is a way to express your view on life – on religion, on the attitude to children, on love for the place where you were born… There is no sense in separate notes-sounds, and if you create a melody from the notes, combine the notes with harmony, you will get a musical work… The artist’s main method of expression is paint and form. And if you have the opportunity to transfer your thoughts with colors to the canvas, then this is a great success… ” – says V. Samokatov.

Colors and notes are intertwined in the fate of Victor in a wonderful way throughout his creative activity.

Stanislav Aydinian Vice President for public relations of the Creative Union of professional artists, art historian Federation Aquariophile of the International art Fund, member of the Union of designers of Moscow, member of the Board of the International Association for the promotion of culture, member of the Russian Union of writers, literary critic, writer, poet. He was born in Moscow, in the family of the People’s Artist of Armenia, the famous singer Artur Aydinyan, a repatriate from Greece.

As a journalist, he collaborated in central newspapers, wrote about culture and art, and worked as a freelance correspondent for Etude Sovietic, which was published in Paris. A large segment of his activity was devoted to literary cooperation with the oldest writer in Russia – A. I. Tsvetaeva.

Interesting and unusual cycle of poems “Hyperion”. It includes more than 130 poems about mythological creatures-chimeras. This book could easily qualify for the Guinness World Records. Stanislav tried himself in the field of literary translation, for example, the “Engraving” by Rod Montague James was translated by him from English. A very special work is the poetic translation of the first three songs of Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, published in 1998.

Stanislav Aydinyan-honorary Vice-president of the Russian-Italian “Academy of Ferroni”, the Arcadian Academy of Artistic Creativity and Improvisation, honorary member of the Academic Council of the Association of Portrait Artists. He often acts as an expert on the work of painters and graphic artists in the exhibition halls of Moscow and in the periodical press.

“Equality on the front lines!” – so they say in Russia since time immemorial. And the members of the TSPH really have something to strive for. New horizons of domestic and foreign cooperation are constantly opening up. The ranks of the Union’s members are replenished with like-minded people. This means that art lives in the hearts of people, regardless of age, origin, or artistic education. Art lives all over the planet Earth, inspiring people of different nationalities and classes to wonderful creativity, colossal work and, of course, love.