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Coffee Story №5

Hobby or vocation?

“I look at the world very carefully,” Moscow photographer Artem Makarov tells us
– ” I try to see the unusual in the ordinary.”
Hello again. And again, a person related to art is drinking coffee with me.

Artem Makarov graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute with a
degree in nuclear power plant engineering. He continues to work successfully in
the construction of energy facilities. But he never leaves the camera. Photography
is his second profession. More precisely, a hobby that gradually, with the
accumulation of experience, became a professional one.

In the early 1990s, he bought his first cell phone with a built-in camera. He called
it less than he photographed it.

“I photographed nature, funny moments, beauty and harmony to share with
friends,” says Artem in an interview, ” apparently, the passion for photography
came to me at the genetic level. My father used to take a lot of photos with the
famous old Russian camera “Zenit”back in the good Soviet times.

As a student, Artem buys a SLR camera. He is fond of lectures by the famous
Russian photographer Alexander Medvedev, and independently studies Photoshop
and working with light.

At the institute, Artem met his first love – Elvira, who once again established his
hobby as a profession. It was she who became the first model of the photographer.

“I photographed her every day in a new way – on a walk in the park, at a table in a
restaurant, in a movie theater, as well as at home for the usual women’s affairs –
how she does her hair, prepares meat for lunch, rests in a chair. My wife is the
muse of all my creativity, ” Artyom told us.

…Now he is a sought-after Moscow photographer. He works with well-known
models and agencies, makes interior shots of cafes and restaurants, food photos for
menus, and even shoots music videos.

“I love to cook,” Artem shared his “home hobby”, on weekends I spend all my free
time in the kitchen.” It was a lot of fun to hear that from a man.

Artem’s biography contains many more interesting facts. He is a supporter of a
healthy lifestyle. 24 years of playing volleyball and… never missed a single
training session!

I was surprised to hear from Artem that he himself is very interested in interior
design in the Art Nouveau style. He is currently working on a new project with one
of the restaurants in Moscow. He makes candelabra in the style of steam-punk to

decorate the restaurant hall. These are nothing more than cleverly disguised water
fittings, which, undoubtedly, will attract the attention of the refined Moscow public
with their unusual appearance.

Artem is too versatile. I can’t say for sure if he’s a nuclear engineer or a
photographer, or even an industrial designer… But the capacious concept of “a
good person” is exactly about him. We were so carried away by the conversation
that our coffee that day turned out to be cold …