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Coffee Story №6

Anyuta Ozhereleva  comes from an unusual and multi-faceted family, where creativity has always been an integral part of everyday life. Both my grandfather and father, being geneticists, never parted with a camera. The amazing collection of home photos consists of 26 albums, and the oldest photos date back to 1919. Anna’s mother taught art to students for more than 40 years. But the most interesting representative of the family was her grandmother, who had a monastic order.

Fire Dance

 Anna was born on the territory of an ancient monastery in Russia. She was trained as a biologist, sociologist, and graduated from a music school with a piano degree. He has been drawing since childhood, taking photos and making collages. She attended private tutors.


Her inspiration is beauty-nature and women, as the two principles that give life. The artist compares and juxtaposes them, looking for a roll call and symbiosis. Using traditional charcoal graphics, transparent watercolors and modern digital technologies, the author creates images that symbolize the primary connection between nature and women, as the common mother principle of all living things. Floral lines organically complete the structure of the female body so that they seem to be a single whole energy field. The works attract the viewer to philosophical reflections in the field of contemporary art, sociology and ecology in general.

Loving Souls

Currently, Anna is working on the project «Red Background». She experiments with the color that is considered the most emotional and intriguing. The red background further emphasizes the feminine sensuality that underlies the love relationship. The images of Birds are not accidentally present in the paintings, they are identical with women, as they can rise and fly away at any time…

Two men standing on the edge of a precipice… Sometimes people take feelings too lightly… In fact, it is very easy to slip up and lose everything… The rock keeps the lovers inside itself, not letting the feelings break…