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Coffee Story №7


Ignacio Ramirez is a renowned Mexican artist. The themes of his work are found in mythology. He perfectly weaves elements of eroticism into them, perhaps showing the viewer the ephemerality of existence …

He keeps anyone who once saw his work for a long time. This is a strong connection and I want to return to his paintings again and again.

While still very young, Ignacio loved to draw caricature portraits, his friends liked them. After leaving school, he starts working in the studio of the famous artist Kalos Navarro. For five years, under his leadership, he studied various techniques and went through his formation as an artist. At the same time, he studies in the workshops of Enrique Iturriaga, where he studies drawing, and Elias Escalante, who teaches him about landscape. His painting is based on work with chiaroscuro. In pictures of striking magnificence, direct, dense light models volumes and produces contrasting lighting effects with unlit background areas.

The artist undoubtedly has his own unique style, is not afraid to express himself and his own attitude, conducts an invisible dialogue with the canvas, deeply studying the meaning of time and laying it out in technique.

The artist himself believes that intuition tells him a lot in his work, he takes some topics from his personal life, sometimes conjecturing something

in a new way. Now Ignacio understands that creativity, art is in fact his passion. He does not voice the interpretation of his paintings, leaving this right to the viewer.

During the period of work on the picture, his ideas can be transformed several times, then accepting, then suddenly rejecting new strokes and parts of images. The artist’s soul is in constant creative search and renewal.  The artist has had exhibitions in different countries, including Russia, India and others.