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Coffee Story №8

The soul draws and sings

Lisa loves traveling and flowers more than anything else in the world. Her nature is emotional, gentle and sublime. And she shows this state through her paintings to the viewer…

Elizaveta Gorchak is a well – known Moscow watercolorist.

         Lisa’s watercolor paintings are incredibly light, sometimes almost weightless, and convey the artist herself, her every day, every step. Sometimes she just calls them sketches, but through her paintings we get into a huge wonderful world.

         – I want to give everyone a piece of happiness, – says the artist. This is what really happens. Lisa very carefully observes and studies the world, notices every detail of beauty, which would then “pour” it on paper through watercolors. The paintings are to some extent heard as musical sketches, which are not always complex in design, but very accurately convey the fleetness and mood of the artist. Each transparent petal of its flowers seems to have its own «musical part», it is not only visible, but audible and tangible… And, perhaps, it has its own fragrance, known only to its magical mistress.

         Lisa’s creative nature is multifaceted. She also writes poetry and makes jewelry.

Stanzas, merging with images of multidimensionality

Nurture the wings

Painful and slow… the

charred wreckage of the past

Fly off the ashes of obsolete…

Through the shoulder blades of new feelings

Open the way to the unknown

Exploding skin with plumage

Soaring up with a single stroke

Keep your Wings

Learn Forever!

Yes, she’s amazing… An amazing artist and an amazing person. We’ve only known each other for a short time, and it seems like we’ve known each other all our lives. There is an aura of beauty around Lisa. Life has given her everything – good looks, a sharp mind, refined manners, creative passion – and Lisa deserves it.

The artist has another small passion – she is inspired by old things, architecture of the past and vintage fashion. She gladly agreed to become a member of the Russian project “Philosophy of Time”, dedicated to the role of vintage objects in our lives. She expressed the opinion that the project is necessary and instructive, that without knowing and respecting the style of the past, it is impossible to fully know and use the present. Lisa told us how she and her brother recently argued over things left over from their grandmother – someone wanted to take a Viennese chair, and someone wanted a bookcase to harmoniously decorate the modern interior of the house with them, which means to add «grandmother’s warmth».

– I try to bring positive emotions to people, especially in our difficult and turbulent times.

They say that «the eyes are the mirror of the soul», and the paintings of Elizabeth Gorchak are a reflection of her inexhaustible wise calm and generosity. We didn’t even have time to drink coffee today… Next time…