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Coffee Story №9

My new interlocutor is the Moscow artist Vera Alexandrova. She received two degrees – a philologist and an architect. And this significantly affects her work. You will see in her an outward fragility and a great perseverance. Charm and a clear vision of goals… These qualities are combined with Faith.

… We met as usual, according to tradition, in the center of Moscow in the evening at Starbucks, where the artist told me about her interesting creative fate, where painting has always been a “living thread”.

The themes of the works represent the interpretation of objects and events of life under the artist’s own view. Cubic paintings reflect the diversity and variability of the surrounding reality, depending on the moment of the author’s vision, show different facets of life in individual perception.

Simple geometric shapes – a circle, a square, a rectangle-are superimposed on each other in a certain way, depending on the vector and the plane.

The paintings give the viewer the freedom of perception with their own original interpretation of the plot..

“My paintings are philosophical,” says Vera. And this is actually the case. The philosophy of color, some hidden meaning is seen on the canvases of the young artist. I want to linger and think about her paintings. They seem to consist of roads and intricate weaves that plunge the viewer into a web of thoughts. There are islands, places of stopping and, conversely, vortices of movement and contrast of sensations. “Everything secret becomes clear.”..

“A year ago, I started monetizing my creativity and quite successfully… People are interested in anything unusual. I use specially restrained colors, such as “will be integrated” into any interior, – the artist Vera again switches to the language of a professional architect. – I am currently looking for a producer…” Such statements can only be made by a person who knows well what he wants from his own life, as well as how he can be useful to society, which, regardless of ourselves, assigns a certain niche to everyone according to their own understanding and discretion.

… The aroma of coffee remained “hanging” in the air. Coffee gives a lot of fresh strength, energy, which, undoubtedly, sets in motion thoughts about new creative plans. Vera is thinking about a big exhibition project… And I’m starting to wait for the new heroes of Coffee stories… Everything will be fine!