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Coffee Story №11


He calls himself Freyr. He is a great photographer of his time. He treats each of his photographs as a work of art.

Frey was born in Mexico CITY, his father was a successful engineer. Even in his school years, Frey always tried to be a leader – of the class, of friends, of the group. He was a member of the Boy Scout movement and loved adventure more than anything else. Later, he trained as an architect and became interested in photography. Apparently, this combined allowed him to learn to see excellent prospects not only for architectural lines, but also for photographic ones.

– Why do you prefer black and white photos?

Because they reflect the truth. Our world is too colorful and fleeting. A black-and-white photo gives more insight into the moment, captured and seemingly fleeting. In fact, our life is made up of moments in a single whole, defining the main postulates and prospects for further movement…

– Who are your idols among photographers? I know you’re also attracted to retro photos.

– They represent a large time layer of art. Previously, there were no such cameras as now, there were no equipment and processing programs. However, there was a colossal skill, deep theoretical knowledge. The aesthetics of the past also make you think, perhaps rethink the values and look for inspiration in them.

–Do you like to take photos of architecture, nature or something else? What do you gravitate towards more?

I take pictures depending on where I am. I have to travel a lot. In part, these movements are related to my official activities… I’m not just a photographer… the ellipsis after these words hung in the air.

Yes, I know, or rather I do not know, how this person manages everything. He has too many responsibilities and obligations. But he never spends a day without a camera. Perhaps this is his second life… or vice versa, the first one… It is constantly on the move. Sometimes he takes photos “in passing”, but even they are well-thought-out and global, in their particularity or randomness. –- Freyr, why do you always take pictures of cakes and pies? Tell us.”

The answer is simple-because I love them…

– And after all, perhaps, most of all in your photos there are women…

Yes, I love them too… I like it when they’re natural. I am generally a supporter of the aesthetics of everyday life, it is on it that we pay the least attention. A woman, for example, tries to hide the truth – with clothes, cosmetics, and other things. It is important to be able to see it itself under all these “covers”. This is the task of the photographer. I’m more of a documentary filmmaker.

Now he smiles a mysterious smile.

– What does female beauty mean for a photographer? Is this youth? Emancipation?

“Not at all. I’ll tell you as an architect. Once again about the perspective I’m looking for in my models. Each perspective aims for an end point. Sometimes it’s very far away. It can be difficult to find a consensus with a woman, she wants to be beautiful and that’s it. And I see another beauty – the beauty of her soul. And the pleasant fullness of the lines, which women are so diligently shy of, is not a cause for concern. Perhaps this speaks of the fullness of the soul, the stability of the senses and the notes of maturity…

He looks at the world wonderfully. He is looking for new angles and new perspectives every day. He sees the reflection of the universe in a drop of morning dew on a flower. He sees the philosophical continuation of each architectural perspective. His favorite phrase is ” Thinking is cool.” His thoughts are his pictures. All of them are made at a high masterful level, as if the photographer puts his soul, his attitude, his attitude to light and shadow into them… So in life – dark constantly alternates with light, making it clear the importance of the contrast of emotions, the change of rain and sun, heat and cold, and human relationships.