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Cynthia Vaders

First, it would be polite to introduce myself: My name is Cynthia Vaders, I am a 22 years old Dutch expressionist artist from Amsterdam. As a kid, I hated colouring books. I met adults who thought I had mobility problems, due to me ignoring the black lines of those colouring books. I wanted to create my own lines, my own boundaries. I have been ignored because of my appearance, of my imperfections and my size. Being raised in a society where we judge on how we look and act have taught me a lot of life lessons. Especially, the negative judgement of people, only based on rarity.Now, I am putting myself out there with messy drawings, colouring outside those black lines on purpose. Going wild and rare. Loving all kinds pure human colours, shapes and ‘weirdness’.

By creating art, I strive to share true and bold human stories that cannot be expressed by words. Showing the world that it’s beautiful to expose your own raw humanity, the true colours of the mind and all the invisible energies. It is sharing that mental health matters and exists, by showing the colours behind the people.

Inner Bolding

I believe in the power of being bold and bold colours, in sharing raw inner feelings. Beyond skin colours, shapes, race, nationality or culture. We all have feelings, we all have energies, we all have our expressions. I am appreciating real humanity & all of its shapes. I believe in sharing & collaborating honest work, not selling popularity. In empowering everyone’s own kind of ‘weird’, everyone’s own true colours. I also believe that this connects us as humans, we are one community of so many different stories. That is why I often draw with connected black lines as a sketch that is surrounded by colourful energies. Because we are all connected and we all have our darkest secrets, but also brightest happiness. I express this in colours and wild brush strokes, but also the connected or sketched black lines that represents the physical us.

Face It
Face It

Line Drawing combined with acrylic paint. This work shows the frightened and static energy of someone who does not want to see what is happening. It is showing people that the fears we don’t face become our very own limit and negative, cold energy. Everyone should express the true colours of the mind.

Eye to Eye
Eye to Eye

Line Drawing combined with acrylic paint. This work shows someone who is gathering courage. It is seeing yourself in the mirror, being scared but hopeful. Having an eye to eye with your heart and mind, building up inner strength. This work is showing people that it is okay and normal to bein secure and afraid, it is normal to need courage gathering sessions with yourself. Be proud of it, celebrate those moments .

Naked Soul
Naked Soul

Line Body Portrait combined with acrylic paint. This work represents the confident, pure naked body and all of its true colours. When embracing the naked body with all its’ imperfections’ and curves, true inner colours will shine in the naked soul as well. A happy body is a happy soul. The energies
of people are too beautiful to not express. Body Positivity is important, mental health matters, just like the naked body to naked soul.

Hidden Faces

Faces of our community, all have their own stories and secrets which are invisible for the rest. The connected lines represent the shared hidden inner feeling sand thoughts which are suppressed by fear. But, these hidden energies could connects the community. The bright colours surrounding them represents the true colours of the mind, waiting to let it out and express themselves, Showing people how important it is to share those
bright colours with each other, because we are all connected as humans.

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