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Denise Felber

Denise Felber *1963 (www.denisefelber.ch; is a Swiss artist
(https://www.sikart.ch/kuenstlerinnen.aspx?id=13234592), member of the Swiss Society of
Women Visual Artists SGBK, board member of Kunstwerkstatt Waldau with many years of
experience in art education.
After a phil-I-study and journalistic work (Swiss Television DRS, SRF), teaching and art
pedagogical work, she is engaged in the department Art&School at the Institute for
Continuing Education and Media Education of the PHBern and initiates the association
Kulturvermittlung Schweiz (www.kultur-vermittlung.ch). After completing a master’s degree in
“Educational Media”, she specialized in media-supported teaching and learning and works
part-time as an education specialist in the field of education.
In addition to her work, she has attended further education courses at the School of Design
in Bern and at various art studios in Switzerland and abroad (C. Kochs / E. Lindenbaur / J.
Linssen / Prof. Jerry Zeniuk and others).
Since 1982 she has regularly realized exhibitions (among others “la cantonale”, Canton Bern
/ Galerie archivarte, Bern / Galerie Artraktion, Bern / Galerie Tom Blaess, Bern /
Bundeshaus, Bern / Galerie katapult, Basel / Galerie Leuebrüggli, Langenthal / Galerie
Reich, Bern / kulturverein atelier worb / Privatklinik Wyss, Münchenbuchsee / swiss church,
London / Volkshochschule Bern and others).

When I pick up my brushes, I begin to tell stories.
My career as a journalist has inspired me to create a collection of photos from journals,
newspapers, archives and so on.
Painting, engraving, collage…. I’m juggling with techniques and materials, often allowing
myself to be surprised by the paths that the inner images take as soon as they are brought to
the canvas.
My processes are characterized by an almost childlike joy of touching people, motivating
them to lose themselves in a contemplation, a bracket outside of space and time.