My generation is one of those born into a strange and unsettling epoch of constant changes. The ancient Chinese curse turned real yet again: we are struggling to find inner peace amidst the chaos of daily life full of anxieties. Is miracle healing even possible? Where to look for it? If you listen to your soul´s quiet whisper, it might prompt you: at the origins – in the eternal beauty of nature, in the innocent simplicity of animals, in the rejuvenating sounds of church bells which remind us that we are not alone in this enormous Universe. And in the inspiring works of art.

Once I was told that my name means “shining light” in Greek language. It is an absolute joy and a great honor for me to see people lighten up while looking at my paintings. The media and techniques I use as an artist may vary – from acrylics to oils, from smooth textures to structure paste and decorative elements – but the message is always the same: sticking with the timeless is the ultimate recipe for happiness. Celebrate the here and now, be fully present in the moment: no sadness from the past, no worries about the future. This is a very simple yet powerful philosophy I´m trying to transmit through my works.

I will feel truly fulfilled if my paintings help bringing out the elusive yet omnipresent harmony of the world in your eyes, heart and soul.

A professional translator and psychologist from Ukraine, and an avid traveler, Elena has always been fascinated by what is over there beyond the horizon. When in the year 2020 the everyday reality was squeezed between the walls of one´s home by the pandemic, she felt a strong urge to create her own traveling destinations – on canvas, using first acrylic and later oil paints. Since then it has been an exciting creative journey into the wonderful realm of land-, sea-, city- and countryscapes, through extensive practicing via numerous online tutorials and later en plein air.

Elena´s passion and favorite topic for painting is Greece, the land she first visited years ago and immediately fell in love with its breathtaking views, vibrant colors, gentle sea, unique architecture, kind-hearted people, deep spirituality, and the ever-present gatoules – cats. She likes to include these cute creatures, the unofficial symbol of the country, into her creative works in different forms, shapes and sizes. Another important symbol of Greece, the impressive Eastern Orthodox churches, are also often present in her paintings.

Being a self-taught artist with a strong calling, Elena highly appreciates the transformative power of art which can brighten the mundanity of life. Her professional psychological background helps her create harmonious color combinations and dreamy moods that lift the viewers above daily anxieties and caringly bring them to safe and happy places. Thus, a kind of healing therapy is provided via her painted works, which adorn the homes of art connoisseurs in Ukraine, Germany, Greece, Switzerland and Canada. She has participated in international exhibitions and won prizes, and in December 2023 was chosen as the Featured Artist of Aedra Fine Arts Gallery (New Jersey, USA).

Elena´s website/portfolio is https://lassssie.wixsite.com/gatoulart


2023 Dali´s Mustache International Art Contest, Spain

2023 Teravarna Gallery, USA – Landscapes

2023 Contemporary Art Gallery Online, USA – All Animals

2023 Gallery Omnibus, Germany – My Animals

2023 Colors of Humanity Gallery, USA – Landscapes

2023-2024 Aedra Fine Arts Gallery, USA – Serenity Works


2023 Dali´s Mustache International Art Contest, Spain – II Prize

2023 Teravarna Gallery, USA – Talent Prize Award (Landscapes)

2023 Contemporary Art Gallery Online, USA – 1st place (All Animals, mixed media category)

2023 Featured Artist of Aedra Fine Arts Gallery, USA