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Emel Çevikcan

By observing the details of everyday surroundings, I find endless ideas from Nature. Working with watercolor has always been the choice for me because it flows from the brush and is never the same application.

In our day, when time flows very rapidly, when we can look at everything with a short break, inspired by art and based on the joy of life it gives, love in my paintings.  Sharing.  I try to convey our amazing transformation with nature to people with the language of colors and forms.  Art and nature are the basis of our existence.  Life without art is like a desert without water.  In these days when the pandemic has kept people away from each other, I think that the only element that allows us to reproduce life is that we should be inspired by realizing the works of art.  Replicates.  Converts.  It overcomes the obstacles and enables us to exist.