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Emel Karakozak

Karakozak, adds an emotional aspect by maintaining a sharp senstivity
against human disorder and forms pure images reflecting her inner voice. Being … in
yourself… The body is a shelter and the first example of inner world, it is a language.
She percieves the uncanny as the alienation of human from the self. In this sense,
she inholds both the familiar and the uneasiness arising from the revelation of the

Karakozak approaches her works between the reality and unreality, in other
words, in the purgatory of painting and photography, in an obscure world where the
boundaries of reality and unreality are blurred,
Karakozak desires to create a disappointment with the whiteness by
highlighting the concepts of emptiness and absence in fictional human bodies. The
figure exists at a passage between the inner and outer worlds. The effect of silence
formed by the white and gray tones and the lonely figures in the emptiness, are
strangely both peaceful and disturbing.

Karakozak, through the inner patterns inside the whiteness, creates a ghost of
what they mean to us and draws the unheard voices to the mind patterns. The bodies
consumed and reshaped in the same place, bring out a desperation by alienating to
the self with the trauma created by the congestion. Existence of an uneasiness at the
center of the artwork crystallizes into a power that can reshape everything.

Karakozak, refers to the ghosts of experiences with the lost bodies and gives a
unique incarnation to the uncanny by sculpturing the bodies. She allows the viewer to
create their own connections and associations, and gain a new perspective against
the images.
Karakozak, names her work as “a change in her language” and wants to
speak with the viewers’ language leaving the bodies to the experience of them.

Emel Karakozak was born in Mut/Turkey in 1975. Her adventure in
photography was started in high school years and later was matured who participated
in many group exhibitions, received awards in various national and international
competitions and also was jury member in many photography competitions.
She also worked in 2019 Spectrum,Red dot Miami Art, 2015 Art Ankara Art
Fair , 2012 Art Bosphorus Contemporary Art Fair, 2011 Contemporary Istanbul
Contemporary Art Fair, 2011 Art Bosphorus Contemporary Art Fair. Her works were
took place in Hacettepe Art Museum and BAKSI Art Museum and also in London
Saatci Gallery and in Romantic Bad Rehburg Museum and in Steyerberger Rathaus
Vittebsk/Belarus Center for Contemporary Art , Cultural Center of the Divina and
Museum of Kreises.
She worked at Artgalerim Nişantası Art Gallery as a photograhp artist for 3
years and she contunies her carrieer as photograph artist at Artgalerim Bebek Art
Gallery and Lust Auf Kunst Art Gallery.
‘Visuallity is my predominant side… I have been used photo language and I
love this phrase. Maybe it does not contain letters, brushes and hammer blows but it
has a scene and fiction in its own world… Everything is aimed to understand the
whole. Life and death which described at the same time in my bipolar photography is
integrity and continuity formed by a continuous chain example of my hybrid

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