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My preferred medium is charcoal, which through the variety of its tones, allows me to materialise the dark and bright moments of life and nature. My work is based on landscapes or figures and their hidden feelings. It is this melancholic feeling and dramatic effect of charcoal that add a specific beauty to my art which I try to convey to people.

Nothing stays hidden under the sun, as we are all naked to the eyes which can see. Those who can see our real selves, partially beautiful, partially dark are those who appreciate us the most.


 I am a native Greek nanophysicist, and mostly self-trained artist. I live in Chicago, USA with my husband who is also an artist. After studying in a private school of arts, I continued working independently and expressing my thoughts and life experiences through my favourite medium, charcoal. My work is inspired by real life images that I experience in daily life, or by a deeper message that I try to convey to people allegorically.

Sometimes we have to follow unknown paths in life. The use of the birch trees symbolize this new beginning in life which everyone has experienced by sailing to unknown destinations.