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I am Lea (alias Gamma) and I’m a self-taught artist from England. A creator of semirealistic, expressionist, and surrealist art, the purpose of my work is to explore the emotional and metaphorical aspects of life therefore bringing them into the physical realm. My work is not dominated by a particular style due to the risk of limiting my artistic expression and creating monotony, I always use what is required to achieve the expression desired.


Emotion and Identity are my main concepts. Fiery anger, passion, determination etc. Especially the emotions people don’t talk about. Who we are as people, all individuals, and that’s the only thing we all have in common – “Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everybody else” ( Margret Mead) I also like to explore the concept of Eternity because it seems so impossible and inevitable at the same time.

Oppidan Inflorescence

My goal is to inspire, to demonstrate the natural beauty of the world, to conceptualise dreams, to invoke emotion, and, ultimately, reach out to someone to make them say “That’s just how I feel!” and that’s the greatest honour of an artist, to relate. We’re here to calm irritated minds, soothe broken souls, bring a sense of peace and clarity, also of fire and determination, of hope and prosperity, of love and life, of anguish and recovery, of fights and freedom.

Bilateral Gyandromorph
Stop All The Clocks
Stop All The Clocks