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Gianlluca Carneiro

A year after the beginning of the pandemic and the first isolation measures in Brazil, the country still suffers from the height of the effects of Covid-19 and goes against the rest of the world. The government’s lack of preparation and the ineffectiveness of the measures corroborated the fact that the country today has more than 250 thousand deaths and more than 10 million cases. In addition, the vaccination schedule is delayed due to a lack of inputs and vaccines, due to the obstacles in the negotiations and the lack of agility of the Brazilian government.

Blue mood, blue heart
Blue mood, blue heart /50cm x 80 cm / Acylic On Canvas

In this sense, “Doses of sentiment” proposes to discuss the feelings exasperated during the pandemic. Pain due to the symptoms of illness or psychological reflexes. The loneliness we had and we still have to live with. As well as, the forced continuity with which we have to go on with life. More than a dialogue about feelings, it is also a structural dialogue of the reflexes of the pandemic. It is also a cry of revolt turned to (re) knowledge in the face of this scenario.

The Desert Of Our Separation
The Desert Of Our Separation / 45cm x 80cm
Wich pain you feel the most
Wich pain you feel the most / 40cm x 45 cm/ Acrylic On Canvas
Gray city, empty city
Gray city, empty city