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Interview with Farnoush Doroudgar

Hello Farnoush Doroudgar. First of all, please tell us about yourself and your journey to art for those who don’t know you.

I am graduated with a master degree in economics and I have been working in Art for about 6 years. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always dreamed of being an artist so that I can influence the surrounding people with it.

How did you become a fine art artist? Where and when did your journey started?

The first hint for me to become an artist was seriously formed in 2015.after the graduation, I realized that the only way to express my thoughts and creativity is in art. That is why I began to discover and study carefully into the great works of art such as Da Vinci and Botticelli. Throughout my experience, I noticed something that changed my genre from analog to Digital Art. from my perspective, Digital painting per se is capable of expressing art in a deeper level and provides so many opportunities to demonstrate your own imagination which is rare in any other forms and mediums in art.

We see female figures in all of your characters. What do these women want to tell us?

 As a middle eastern woman, The most concern living in Iran for me in recent years was to be an advocate of women’s right, and I have always sought this issue to demonstrate their inner feelings and emotions throughout my artworks. I do believe that “eyes never lie”. The eyes have a language that needs to be heard, and my main aim is to express that voice to the whole world.

What is your favorite part of the creative process?

For me, the favorite part of the creative process are always discovering new stories and ideas. Because these subjects are always challenging and make me to grow myself into the whole process of creating a new art work.

What was the most challenging project that you worked on?

Well as i mentioned that earlier, every single work is a challenge but the most challenging one in probably “ the virgin mary” collection which is inspired by one of my favorite characters, St. Mary who has committed to chastity in her life and stood up from all the negativity and false accusations. Our modern woman also has been struggling for various of reason and people put labels on them just because they are free spirits. 
The smoking element in this collection has taken the form of holiness, which is part of the modernity of the characters.
What has been and is important to me is to portray a free woman who can be seen without judgment, people and traditions.
The lights on the eyes actually reflect the truth within them because, as I believe, the eyes do not lie.

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