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Irina Tall Novikava

Irina Tall (Novikova) is an artist, graphic artist, illustrator. She graduated from the State Academy of Slavic Cultures with a degree in art, and also has a bachelor’s degree in design.

The first personal exhibition “My soul is like a wild hawk” (2002) was held in the museum of Maxim Bagdanovich. In her works, she raises themes of ecology, in 2005 she devoted a series of works to the Chernobyl disaster, draws on anti-war topics. The first big series she drew was The Red Book, dedicated to rare and endangered species of animals and birds. Writes fairy tales and poems, illustrates short stories. She draws various fantastic creatures: unicorns, animals with human faces, she especially likes the image of a man – a bird – Siren. In 2020, she took part in Poznań Art Week. Her work has been published in magazines: Gupsophila, Harpy Hybrid Review, Little Literary Living Room and others. In 2022, her short story was included in the collection “The 50 Best Short Stories”, and her poem was published in the collection of poetry “The wonders of winter”.

She was born on 11.12.1987 in Minsk. Lives and works in Minsk. She graduated from the State Academy of Slavic Cultures with a degree in art and the MoscowHumanitarian and Technical Academy with a degree in designer. Member of the Krasnogorsk United Community “Comp”, Member of the Russian
Federation of Watercolorists, Member of the International Art Fund (IHF), Member of the Union of Russian Artists, Member of the Creative Association “Artist”. The first personal exhibition “May soul is like a wild hawk” (2002) was held in the museum of Maxim Bagdanovich. In his works, he raises the themes of ecology, etc. Personal exhibitions:
Museum of Nature and Ecology “The Earth is Our Home” (2002), Museumof the
History of Belarusian Literature: “How wonderful this world is” (2002), Cinema
“Pioner” 4 exhibitions: “Ecology and Man” (2002), “My beloved animals “(2003),” Vernissage “(2003),” Peace to our home “(2004), Theater. Yanka Kupala: “Black Truth” (2004), House of Friendship: “Norway – Northern Country” (2004), Writer’s House: “Animal World” (2005), Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War: “Black
Truth” (2005), Church St. Simona and Alena: “Black Truth” (2006), BSU: “Let’s SaveBirds, Animals, Earth, Trees” (2005), BSPU: “They Must Be Saved” (2006), BSU: “Endangered and Rare Animals” (2006) , Museum of the History of Cinema: “They
must not disappear” (2006), State University of Ecology. Academician Sakharov: “Black Truth (2006), Library 199:” The World of Animals “(2010),” The Tree of Life
“(2011)”, “The Kingdom of Animals” (2012), Exhibition Hall on Dorozhnaya: “They
need to be saved” (2010 )), Palace of Culture Krasnogorie: “On the verge of
extinction” (2011), Exhibition hall “Chertanovo“ On the verge of extinction
”(2010),“ Black byl ”(2021) Minsk, Yakub Kolas library, etc.
Collective exhibitions in 2019: “Flowers for Women” Gallery on Solyanka; “Art-okroshka” cafe at 8 Academician Korolev Street; “44 merry siskins” cafe at 8 Academician Korolev Street; “44 Siskin: Reboot” Cti Fabrika; “Self-portrait female version” shot glass by Zyuzino; “Self-portrait against the background of reality” Zverev Center for Contemporary Art; “Spectrum of Snow” House of Culture Gaidarovets; “Microbiennale of Horizontal Initiatives” gallery Vsekohudozhnik;
Exhibition action in support of Yulia Tsvetova “For Yulia” curator Katrin NenashevaChristmas exhibition in the Palace of Culture near Moscow. Exhibitions 2020: “From earth to sea and the heavenly center them.” A. Bely in g. Balashikha, Zheleznodorozhny microdistrict, Proletarskaya street, 8;
Winter exhibition in the recreation center Krasnogorie;
Dream Fantasies International Association of Peace Foundations; “Literary associations-3” exhibition hall Tushino; “Color World” House of Culture Gaidarovets. “White dreams” – 200 years since the beginning of the development of Antarcticainthe library of the history of Russian philosophy House of A.F. Losev; “Boats” Zverev Center for Contemporary Art; “Flowers, flowers and all living things” exhibition hall of Tushino; “At the End of the Cold” International Association of Peace Foundations; “Facets of multicolor” Gallery of the city of Elektrougi, st. School, 53; “AvangarDa Day” Zverev Center for Contemporary Art; “Woman on the Ship” Lega’s Workshop;
Online exhibition “Great Russia” curated by Nadezhda Zhukova;
Online exhibition “April Homestay” in the gallery KvARTyr 10;
Online exhibition “Skorobienalle 2020” curated by Alexei Kukushkin;
Online exhibition “Black Day” curated by Alexei Spirenkov;
Online exhibition “KosmosVsegda” Jerry Rubin’s club; “Virtual Spring Exhibition” curated by Sarah Ateh;
Online Exhibition “Bestiary 2020” Darwin Museum;
Online Exhibition “Blessed Host” Creative Union of Professional Artists;
Online exhibition “Victory May” Union of Russian Artists;
Instant online – exhibition “75 years of the Great Victory”;
Online exhibition “We’ll hang a portrait here” gallery Here on Taganka;
Online exhibition “Vistavka.quarantine”; “Creative on karate” Lega’s workshop; “Cuba Lubre” Lega’s Workshop; “Art-Heat 2020” gallery at the Art Gallery of the Future; “I am Art-future” exhibition hall of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists; “KRYUKRINOKSY” gallery Here on Taganka; “For You Moscow” Tushino Exhibition Hall; “Flora and Fauna” exhibition hall of the “IRIDA” association; “Oh my dear, if there were no war” DK homemade creativity; “Alternative Reality” exhibition in “Nochlezhka”; “Moscow – as a city of meanings and symbols” Online exhibition in the A3 gallery; “Space of Idea”, exhibition hall of the Ministry of Agriculture (Starosadsky Lane, 5); “And life beyond the sea is not bad” Tushino exhibition hall;
Business card exhibition “I am an artist” online;
Design Art of the XXI century online exhibition; “I love you. Do not be afraid” Online exhibition;
Online exhibition “Fragment”;
Online exhibition “Letter to the Future”. Online exhibition “Winter Romance” TSHR; “Christmas on Begovaya 2020” MOSH;
The first festival of art anthropology “DEPRESSED_FEST”, Tomsk State. university;
Virtual Christmas Exhibition To “The Artist”;
Online Exhibition “Christmas” Tushino Exhibition Hall;
Works are in the collections of museums in Norway, Britain, etc. Participation in artfixprice fairs … Collective exhibitions 2021:
Project “Interaction”, Radishchev Museum, Saratov, Russia
“Young talents”, Tambov, Russia
Online exhibition “Jaman ONER degen NE?”, Kazakhstan, Russia, March 2021
Exhibition “Muzzle, Tail and Four Legs” at the SC “Scarlet Sails”, March 2021
Online exhibition “Les Miserables Artists” site Artcontract
Exhibition “Young Artists”, Artists Union, Orenburg, Russia
Participation in the exhibition of the poster competition “Youth 2021” Exhibition “Youth 2021” Union of Artists of Russia

Exhibition “Rayonalle”, Etila, Kazakhstan
Participation in international projects:
Art-Week 2020 in Poznan (Poland);
Participant of the Eco-art festival “OTHER REALITY”, 2020 – 2021; “Curated” by Social Networks curated by Igor Zeigler, May 2020;
“The goal of the project is to unite all countries of the world with the help of art. CROSSHATCH PUBLISHING, San Diego, California, 2020, Parallel program of the VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art
@young_biennale “Project # rftwtkzhbz / Chancery” 25 kadr gallery, September 2020Online promotion “Dwell Time Special COVID-19 Edition” A non-profit art publication dedicated to mental well-being. Produced and curatedbyAlice Bradshaw, Vanessa Haley and Lenny Shrama. Dwell Time, Huddersfield, UK, 2020, Online exhibition in “the Artli gallery”, Virtual action artist December, 2020;
Vacant Museum, Imprints: Past & Present, December 2020;
International project Magenta “mink festival 2020”, December-February
Online publication “Air gallery”, Wales, UK, December 2020
“Ecology: Healing Nature” AlterWork Studios, New York, USA, February-March 2021WETDOVETAIL – 2nd Digital Show, North Yorkshire, UK, curated by Connor Clements, February 2021
Vacant Museum, State of Repair, April 2021
Open Fragment online show, Pragmata is the collaborative practice of artists AdeleLazzeri and Toby Kidd, April 2021

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Online publication of “Samonva” May 2020
Winner of the “Paint Summer” competition, Minsk 2000 (newspaper “Trud” in Minsk)
Participant of the exhibition “Winter Patterns” (January 10, 2002, House of Culture”Mayak”)
Participant of the Drawing Contest “Dream and Search” (Library 199, 2011)
Acknowledgment from the Youth Library 199 (June 15, 2011)
International Competition from the Red Cross “I Draw Norway” (May 2005)
Participant of the Contest of author’s postcards “Happy New Year and Merry
Christmas!” (2020)
MOSKh, Participant of the competition “Polite City 2020” Prize-winner at the online competition “Letter to the Future” 2020 MFA
Winner of the competition “Living overseas is not bad”, 2020
Victory Postcard Competition, April 2021