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Kryštof Novotný

Since 2017, I have been painting my self-portrait every year, and I will always imprint my current life situations and moods in each of them. My self-portraits are always very symbolic, and as my favorite painter Frida Kahlo said: „I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.“

Two Mothers, oil on canvas, 100 X 100 cm

The exhibition What It Feels Like for a Girl was completed in spring 2020. This collection of twenty paintings tries to capture a woman’s life (desires, thoughts, and feelings in individual important moments in a woman’s life). I have always taken women as muses that inspire me not only in an artistic career. I admire their way of thinking and looking at the world. During my life so far, I have met several exceptional women who have strongly influenced and supported me in my decisions. For these reasons, I decided to dedicate my new exhibition mainly to them.  It’s a manifesto celebrating women, trying to deal with the question of the position of women today and the concept of feminism as such. 

Self-portrait with a lion and piranhas