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Lidia Mikhaylova

«Born and raised in Russia, Siberia, I’ve spent most of my life working in a corporate world as a lawyer. After more than 15 years of a successful career in Moscow, I moved to Riga, Latvia in a search of new ways to fulfill my dreams. That’s where I became inspired by the colorful imagery of my surrounding, and finally and completely fell in love with painting.

Making art is my main occupation and passion these days.

Even though I haven’t realized myself as an artist until my late thirties, I always loved making art as a child. Exploring artistic path as an adult, I spent a few years working privately with a young talented teacher Anna Fedorenko in Art Studio Picasso, Moscow. I’ve continued my formal education at the Art Academy of Latvia later on, and I keep improving and expanding my skills by taking private lessons and master classes all over the world.

I enjoy expressing the world around me through my paintings, and I love putting the reality of everyday life on canvas using colors and shapes. The purpose of my art is not creating an easy to sell product, but inspiring people to see the hidden beauty in simple things around us.

I’ve been asked why I call my project SimpleArtForms..

I think too often we keep waiting for miracles, or something special while forgetting to look at what is right in front of us. There is a lot of beauty in everyday life! Simple, yet delightful forms can be found everywhere – your surroundings, nature… In order to see this beauty, you just need to pause and look around. And maybe start contemplating the question: what really brings the richness to my life…?


SEXUAL ART project

In December 2019 I attended the workshop MY BODY IS A TEMPLE, and its main idea was to learn how to stay grounded and connected in a non-judgmental and heart-opening environment. During the workshop, a realization came to me that as an artist I can also help women, regardless of age, faith and body shapes, to develop and feel their inner strength and confidence. So I started my SEXUAL ART project, choosing for it silk painting, which is, in my opinion, the most refined and lively material, and flowers, as a symbol of female beauty and divine blessing.

The inner life of each person is based on energy centers or what we call chakras.  These impact our daily lives by either developing or inhibiting our emotional, intellectual, and physical lives.


The Universe has endowed women with a wonderful gift – the Yoni.  In Sanskrit, the word Yoni means female genitalia.   Besides being the most feminine part of the female body, it’s also the most receptive, and the most sensitive.  It truly is the most amazing part of the feminine.  

In tantra, the Yoni is also associated with the cosmic gate; the gate to the Universe, the Source or the sacred temple; the place from which we all came into this world.  Simply put, the Yoni is a mystical, mysterious, powerful and beautiful place!


Suppose, each woman’s chakra has its own portal; its own gate to the Universe, its own yoni.  By revealing our feminine power and our strong relationships with our yoni, we open, strengthen and balance our chakras.   This raises the energy of consciousness, and we achieve self-realization and connection with the deepest part of ourselves; our soul.

My works are certainly filled with special feminine energy when I creating them and this can help their owners reveal their feminine power or strengthen it, harmonize any areas of life and perhaps start creating new reality.

All paintings are made on silk with special paints for silk and framed. 

SIZE PAINTING: 20″x20″- 50×50 cm (wherever other information is not indicated)