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I’m a self taught artist from Belgrade, Serbia. I have been interested and passionate about art my whole life, since I was very little. Having realized that my passion for painting would not fade away, I allowed it to overwhelm me and I have decided to begin my artistic journey.

Inside of you

My work is an amalgamation of emotional experience, drama and imagination. My creations are original and emotionally expressive in acrylics and oil pastels, with a variety of other mediums and glazes. Working with palette knives and my hands, as well as applying brush strokes enables me to achieve rich textured paintings. I like to play with colors, lines, shapes and I have always been curious to find something new in art. Using different media and techniques creates countless possibilities and opens the door to the undiscovered. That’s why every project is so unique.

Identity /Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas / 40 x 40cm

The artwork “Identity” is inspired by the complexity of an individual’s inner feelings and the intricacies of the relationship between how others see us and how we experience ourselves.

Dare to be yourself / Acrylic on canvas /40x40cm

Uniqueness does not come from perfection.

Mirror reflection / Mixed media on canvas / 80x40cm

„Mirror reflection“ has been inspired by the endlessly perplexing notions of identity.

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