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Louvre recovers 16th-century armour decades after theft

The Louvre Museum in the capital of France, announced that they are going to take back the renaissance era Armour, covered with silver and gold. After being stolen for 40 years.

According to the news from Art Daily, after being called for giving advice about a heritage in Bordeaux, an antique expert reported an armour and a helmet from the collection of the family was suspicious. Afterwards, police discovered the armour and the helmet was stolen from Louvre in 31st of May 1983 from their database. Judges from Bordeaux is now searching how these artifacts found their way into the family’s collection. The manager of the Louvre Museum, Jean-Luc Martinez pointed, last burglary event happened in 1998 and they are still searching another portrait of 19th century French painter, Baptiste Camille Carot.