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THE MORNING INVASION OF FRIED EGGS/ acrylic, marker on linen/ 3 canvases in sizes 100x120 cm, 100x150, cm 100x30 cm/ 2020

Magdalena Bukowska

Magdalena Bukowska is an Artist and Fashion Designer. She graduated from University of Rzeszow, Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design and Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. She mostly focuses on painting, drawing, sculpting and designing clothes.

Artist Statement:

DEADLINE / acrylic, marker on linen / 120×100 cm/ 2020

In my artworks I try to show the world which surrounds me. Everything from thoughts, dreams and memories to common things such as bread on the table, ripe strawberries and flowing clouds. My artworks are a reflection of me and my world. It allows me to convey emotions and feelings that I daily experience. It is characterized by expressions, freedom and bold, vivacious colors. I get inspiration from everything that surrounds me, my ordinary life. I show unique spaces in my own way, adding elements which makes everything uncommon and differs from the real world. Sometimes it is a thoughtful and intentional artistic process but many times it is spontaneous, without planning. I make unreal spaces in which I can take the viewer to another universe. 


NASAL FIELD/ acrylic on linen/ 100×120 cm/ 2019
PICKLED CUCUMBER BY THE POOL / acrylic, marker on linen/ 40×50 cm/ 2019.jpg
TOXIC GIBBERISH/ acrylic on linen / 100×120 cm/ 2020