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Marly Desir

About Marly Desir
Marly Joseph Desir shows from a very young age a real artistic aptitude. His father, sensitive to Art and Professor of Literature, frequently takes him to visit the museums and encourage him to develop his talents. Desir is Known in the Artistic World by his original style, His ability to create and also his aesthetic sense. He studied at the Miami Dade College. His Usual themes are Women, Landscape, Flowers … Convinced that there is enough ugliness in the world; he prefers to capture Beauty, Elegance and Grace. The artist favors is acrylic on Canvas likes to achieve smooth surface. His palette varies from cool subdued tones to the whole range of bright tropical colors. He is also Art Historian and received many international awards: -Travel Grant Recipient 2013 CAA (College Art Association) -Travel Grant Recipient 2016 CIMAM (International Committee for Museums and Collection of
Modern Arts) The painting of Desir express what has beautiful to dazzle the lovers of art.
https :www.saatchiart.com/marlydesir

Acrylic on canvas 30×16’’ – 2015

A rooster painted by Marly Desir is en general a male gallinaceous bird which is also known as a cockerel or cock, with cockerel being younger and rooster being an adult male chicken. Desir is using bright colors degraded and contrasts with harmony and aesthetic.

Acrylic on canvas 20×16’’- 2019

This name”woman life and custom” is an universal meaning and describes the contemporary woman life The structure of the face and the choice of the colors give the painting a good impression.

Acrylic on canvas 20×20’’ – 2016

The Dreamer is a romantic drama painting made by Marly Desir. It is a particular scene which is describing the Holy Innocent of a girl seeking orientation in life. Painted in 1995, Desir is seeking the most pleasing mix: consistent color for producing this art work.

Acrylic on canvas 24×20’’ – 2020

“Coronavirus Impact ” made by Marly Desir is describing the unforeseen challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on people all across the world. This phenomenon is killing a lot of people in the world. How to resolve this pandemic by the science or by using the spirituality…The material used is acrylic on canvas .The painting is
unframed and and ready to ship in a tube to the buyer.

Marly Joseph Desir