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And again the story began with coffee. Autumn Moscow coffee can be very
useful, especially in bad weather, when rain trickles down the window pane and
everything seems dull and gray. But suddenly everything changes in an instant.
That’s what happens when you meet an interesting person.
We were introduced by chance. And maybe not by chance… Recently, I have been
looking for confirmation of the conclusions that all accidents are natural.
Media photographer – Natalia Dorokhova. She loves urban filming, calling the
city a landscape. She comes to shoot fascion events, as if that’s all she’s ever done.
But her main “photo hobby” is people, personalities. It is them that Natalia not
only photographs, she is engaged in certain creative research. So, about everything
in order.

Being different is not a bad thing at all. It’s very interesting. Natalia says that
foreshortening is of great importance for professional shooting.
– One “picture” can be shot more than ten times, and it will always be different.
It’s all about perspective and light.
Natalia is a Gemini by horoscope, which already determines her creative nature.
She, of course, studied at an art school, received an education as a designer,
graduated from the school of decorators. And since childhood, she just dreamed
that her life would be connected with creativity.

However, having grown up in a family of chemists, she simply could not help but
follow in the footsteps of her parents, so she received a higher chemical technology
education at Mendeleev University. That is why, perhaps, in her life, creativity is
somehow inexplicably intertwined with research activities. She explores human
emotions, studies people’s lives through different camera angles. She works with
“other” natures. These are personalities somewhat different from us, ordinary
people. This is a rather closed social stratum that takes place in our society. We
don’t know much about them because we consider such people “asocial”.
Natalia, being a kind of manager of human souls, opens the veil over their
emotions through a photo shoot and rightfully translates their “biochemistry” into a

Now she is working on the project “A little man in a big city”. Her photo shoots
are quite difficult psychologically, require tremendous professionalism not only of
technique, but also of the soul. Natalia believes that such “extraordinary”
personalities are the bearers of universal love.
– We have to learn from them…
Natalia is a fan of traveling. She is not indifferent to Paris, to France. As a
photographer, she is attracted to Italy, where, as Natalia says, even the sun shines
– It is not surprising that many Italians have become famous artists. There’s a
different sun, different lighting, and you can take pictures indefinitely…You walk
as if inside a painting…
yes, I would like to drink coffee in Italy next time…

Natalia Dorokhova