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The Party With Friends In the Garden

Meng Lu

There is only one theme in my painting —— Dreamland since 2020,I have painted it for escape from my real-life. Just like what I titled one of my artworks: Dream Is An Invitation, Painting Is An Escape.

The most attraction of painting to me is a sort of exploring. Sometimes I find amazing elements on the canvas, which may be an animal or a tree organized by color blocks accidentally, during the painting, these accidents, and my creation map the whole story.

I use Chinese traditional multi-spots perspective or there is no perspective in my painting, at least I always forget this. For me painting like composition, tune, rhythm, colors and movement is more important and interesting. The animals, peoples, and views are hiding in my painting, audiences could find them, imagine them or ignore them because many of them are between representational quite abstract. 

The-dead-of-Mermaid / Acrylic on Canvas /60×60 cm/2021

We contaminated the ocean, the Mermaid died, there is no fairy tale anymore.

In-Bloom-No-Flower / Acrylic on Canvas /60×80 cm/2021

There is a flower different from other plants, which is composed of man and woman, growing a beautiful but fantasy flower, actually, never stop kinds of conflict —— link and separation, soul and body.

Unknown Place I Am In Is Just Arcadia / Acrylic on Canvas /100×100 cm/2021

The guy in the work is seeking something down on the ground, just like me sometimes, I do look at some beautiful things, but still don’t know where I am and which path I take could lead me to my goal, that keeps me staying in anxiety and sadness. However, the place I am in is just where I seek yesterday. We couldn’t see the Arcadia since it is beyond our sight and concerned in daily life.

My Childhood And Moon / Acrylic on Canvas / 60×60 cm/2021

In my childhood, one of my favorites was staring at the full moon, and then I definitely could see a “rabbit” in there, that is from the tale many Chinese children know. There were butterflies and dragonflies in the metropolis where I was living at that time,which you hardly see now. I take this work as a remembrance of my childhood and all views I may never meet again.