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Mickey's Frustration

Michael Kwong

Michael Kwong Bio
Prof. Michael Kwong was born in Hong Kong in 1972, he studied art at Columbus College
of Art & Design and worked as an illustrator in the United States after graduation. In 2002,
he finally moved back to Hong Kong to continue his artistic career. He has been working
as a professional illustrator for more than two decades. During his entire career life, he has
received many designs and art awards both locally and internationally. At the same time,
Prof. Kwong has also dedicated himself to art education for many years. He has taught in
different universities including Shantou University, Xiamen University and Savannah
College of Art and Design. At the same time, he has been working as pop art and abstract
expressionist painter creating art pieces that combine eastern culture characteristics and
western painting techniques.
Michael Kwong Artist Statement
Painting is just like a bridge for Michael Kwong linking himself and the outside world
together. He can express his attitude toward life, and his thought about things, and more
importantly, he can interact with people through his artworks, He can show his value of life
through his works. Sometimes his painting is just his subjective feeling about things, and
sometimes it can be a tool to raise people’s attention about what happens in our world. He
wants to use his painting to spread a positive power to people, and bring a better and
prettier world to people through his paintings.
In the year 2020, he decided to focus his career as a professional abstract expressionist
painter. He likes to explore the relationship between textures and colors in his painting,
also achieving a balance between shape and space. He strongly believes that abstract
painting is the perfect approach to express his concept, through the use of different
brushstrokes, rhythms, texture and color, he can express his thoughts infinitely and breaks
through all inherent rules, thereby tangibly expressing his soul.
Besides, unlike realistic painting, abstract painting can allow viewers to generate infinite
imagination space, it can interact with the viewer’s thoughts on a metaphysical level
directly and effectively, and it will not be interrupted by figurative images and forms. Prof.
Kwong believes that philosophical connotation should be the main value of a painting. It is
the most crucial thing that artworks must be able to lead the audience to resonate with the
artist’s thoughts. If artwork has only superficial patterns and does not incorporate the
artist’s perspective and thought, the work can only treat as a decorative craft since such
work does not make any contribution to human civilization and culture.

Artwork Title: Mickey’s Frustration
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 80cm (H) x 80cm (W)
Year Created: 2022
Artwork Description:
This painting is called Mickey’s Frustration demonstrating the problem of air pollution and
how its deadly consequence will damage the life of our next generation. Mickey Mouse
has always symbolized the dream of our children and their happy childhood. He has been
forced to wear a toxic gas mask due to the serious problem of air pollution, therefore he is
not happy anymore. The painting was simple but strong, a character located in the center
of the painting with a lot of strong expressional brushstrokes in order to create an
enormous visual impact and also created the mood of the disastrous consequences of air
pollution. I would like to use the vision of an abstract expressionist artist to arouse the
attention of people about the deadly consequences of environmental pollution.

Artwork Title: Landscape of Yangshuo
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 70cm (H) x 50cm (W)
Year Created: 2022
Artwork Description:
The area around Yangshuo is renowned throughout China, if not the whole world, for its
karst landscape where there are hundreds upon hundreds of limestone hills dotting the
countryside. The beautiful scenery here is a common subject of Chinese paintings as well
as the inspiration for poetry. Unlike other traditional Chinese paintings, the artist has used
a different approach and style to present the unique character of the landscape of
Yangshou which created a very interesting outcome between contemporary art and
traditional theme.

Landscape of Yangshuo

Artwork Title: Fizzyjoker_Sinking Heart
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 80 x 80 cm
Year of Creation: 2021
Artwork Description:
This painting is one of the paintings in the Fizzyjoker painting series. Fizzyjoker represents
the mentality of the young generation. The painter expresses the joys and sorrows of
young people’s lives through the image of Fizzyjoker. The worn fabric texture with a dark
tone creates a sense of sadness. The white stripes in the background seem like raindrops
or scars around the image in the painting. Even if the picture looks pretty sad, when
people focus on the picture, their inner stress can be released because of a sense of
empathy for life.

Fizzyjoker_Sinking Heart

Artwork Title: Hand of Love
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 80 x 80 cm
Year of Creation: 2021

Artwork Description:
In the past few years, mankind has experienced a lot of suffering, such as frequent natural
disasters, environmental pollution and the spread of epidemics. People’s lives have been
affected to varying degrees. God seems to be testing us, but also reminding us that we
need to cherish what we have and give more love to our family and friends. Only love can
create a better future. The painter hopes to convey positive energy in life through this
simple and trendy artwork.

Hand of Love

Artwork Title: Mountain Multiply and Streams Double Back (7th artwork)
Medium. : Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 70cm(H) x 50cm(W)
Year Created: 2020
Artwork Description:
The characteristic of this painting is the mixture of Chinese traditional painting techniques
with western abstract expressionism painting style. The layers of mountains were painted
by a traditional Chinese painting technique, and the way I created the sense of flowing
water at the bottom of the painting was by applying a lot of wet painting to the canvas
surface, letting it flow by itself. Finally, The paint turned out to be a very nice pattern
unpredictably. Blue is the key color of the painting balanced by some orange tones.
The final touch of white spray at the top of the painting reinforced the sense of power and

Mountain Multiply and Streams Double Back

Artwork Title: Door
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 120cm (H) x 80cm (W)
Year Created: 2020
Artwork Description:
“Door” is treated as a special symbol in Chinese culture. In ancient China, the style and
behavior of a family were called “door style”, and the wealth of a family was called
“menwang”; when getting married, seeking a family with the same status and wealth as
one’s own was called “the right family with similar door”; The punishment of the whole door
is called “door punishment”. Therefore, it can be seen that the door of a family house is not
just an entrance and exit, it is a representative of a family, a symbol of a family.
The door decoration on door has both material and spiritual functions. As a symbol that
can reflect cultural characteristics, the door decoration expresses the simple vision of the
people of all dynasties yearning for a better life.
In this painting, I started with different brush strokes and colors in a rather unconscious
way and eventually formed an image of a traditional Chinese-style red door. It is an
experimental approach for me to try to find out the balance between order and pure
painting instant as an abstract expressionist painter.