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Miguel Angel Castrillo Fernandez

Starting from a need , I create compositions that exist not only on the canvases
I give life to , but also in a dimension that grows silently between those who contemplate
my work and I .

When that connection is established between people and my work , in such
a dimension things happen and those things free us from the heavy slab of
responsability , the mistakes we make or the feeling of guilt that for whatever reason
we humans bear sooner or later .

San Joaquín y Santa Ana / Oil on canvas 140 X 170 cm

All those figures that I first draw and then delicately paint with oils , can be
found in very different scenes of nowadays life , normally inspired in its form by
the Renaissance movement .

Of course , in my artwork I give a great prominence and leadership to the
human figure because it is towards people that the message of hope that relates my
life to art and what I paint with my life , is addressed .