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Oryiman Agbaka

This is an original hand drawing done using ballpoint pen and paper about the existence of the artist. With the sun as the ruling planet, amidst the time of creation for this piece, the artist goes through the real fight for freedom. Freedom from anxiety, depression, trauma. But with the reassurance of the sun and the universe, he knows he is only a bird born of the sun and was born to be free as a bird.

Freedom is a bird born of the sun / Ballpoint pen and paper / 2021

An original hand drawing done using pen on paper. This masterpiece was born out of ten thousand mistakes while creating this piece, I started with a short meditation to summon strength and add more patience in capturing little details to portray realism and tell the African history of Wealth and resources. This is a representation of an Elder in royalty in the precolonial African era dressed with heavy beads to portray high societal class of the elites before modern times guided by the sun. This piece stays unfinished because the true history of royalty in Africa runs throughout generations as it is unending.

Royalty / Ballpoint pen and Paper  / 2020

This is a one of a kind art masterpiece hand drawn by myself using ballpoint pen on paper on Needle point acid free paper. This art piece talks about originality and the diverse styles of beautification before western civilization came on the soil of Africa and by way of cultural imperialism tried to erode the originality of the African people.

Tribe (Africans with style) / Ballpoint pen and paper / 2017

This is an original painting done using acrylic on canvas done amidst the struggle of the artist in the contemporary Nigerian society. Being a Leo this painting reflects the significance of the sun which assures freedom from every form of societal bondage during the present day and the goddess which symbolises the voice of freedom is symbolic for the mother of the artist as they both fight for freedom and survival. The nine white dots on the forehead represents all the nine planets with the one in the middle as earth with the presence of water across the seven(7) continents as the blue inside.

Sun goddess with the golden voice of freedom / Acrylic on canvas / 2021

This is a one of a kind masterpiece. Done Using Ballpoint pen on paper. made on 20inches X 16inches needle point paper and canvassed for maximum protection from damages. Entails all the struggles that makes the tales of today become memories of tomorrow make the most of time. Its a reminder of sunshine after rainfall and everything shall grow in the ultimate cycle of life.

After the rain comes sunshine / Ballpoint pen and paper / 2020