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Pawel Pacholec

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From childhood, I loved browsing through various encyclopedias in which individual selected entries were illustrated with engravings. I was able to stare at them for hours and study each line carefully. 
Unfortunately, I was not gifted with a talent for engraving or the ability to create etchings, copperplateengravings or mezzotints, which we can see in artists such as Piranesi, Dürer or Dore, but admiration and appreciation for this type of graphic creativity remained. This is where my passion for creating collages based mainly on old, archival prints comes from.

Pacholec Pawel

Interestingly enough, the compositions are, thanks to the diverse and often quite randomly looking typography and lettering, kept in the Dadaist
style. It is, in a way, a long bridge thrown between graphic art from the 15th century and modern art from the 20th century. The collages are inspired by artists such as Kurt Schwitters, Robert Rauschenberg, Raoul Hausmann, Georges Braque, Max Ernst and Jonathan Talbot.

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