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Philippe Caspar

Caspar has been practicing drawing since childhood with models such as B. Wrightson, F. Frazetta, M. Gotlib, C. Serre, B.l Watterson and R. Crumb, whose strength of drawing arouse admiration close to idolatry. The painting arrives later thanks to J. L. Gérome and to academic painting in general, W. Bouguereau and H. Flandrin especially. As influences, then come Klimt, Hopper, Pollock, Basquiat and Giger. The aesthetics of J. Carpenter’s films, G. Romero or D. Cronenberg, the atmosphere of the books by P. K Dick and S. King contribute to forging a fantastic filter through which much of his pictorial work passes. Attracted by abstraction, he works his colors in order to find the brute force, almost independently of the drawing used as a basis for the canvas, without ever losing sight of it. A canvas fusing the essence of the art of J.L. Gerome with that of Basquiat would constitute, in his eyes, a kind of ideal.
Website : https://philippecaspar.wixsite.com/sculpt/peinture-18

Philippe CASPAR – DRAGON ROUGE – Acrylic canvas 115x75cm