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Romina Schimpf

Misiones (Argentina) 1977

Abstract three-dimensional textiles are strongly influenced by her birthplace, Misiones Argentina, where the main characteristic of the soil and rocks is their unmistakable red color due to the presence of iron-rich laterite minerals. Not only the presence of this mineral and its precious color influence and determine the works, but also the exuberant flora and fauna of the place, giving rise to a rich symbiosis of organic and inorganic elements that converge simultaneously to establish a homogeneous flow and relationship between the different stages and processes of life in general.


Textiles express that fusion between living and non-living organisms, that same repetition of nature in every detail, in every being and object. Everything has a beginning and a course in time, aging, which in each work is intrinsically determined by rust. The materials that make up the works are diverse and are chosen not only according to the piece, but also with the objective to unify in the material sense, the spiritual aspect of the work; That is why metals, plants, papers, fabrics, paper fabrics, paints, from acrylics to those containing metallic particles, embroidery threads by hand and machine  are  intertwined with strong and at the same time  delicate materials such as felts, wool, high-density polyethylene fibers spun with flash and lutradur.