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Sasha Neschastnova

My name is Sasha Neschastnova, I’m a contemporary artist. At the moment, I live and work in Moscow. I was born in 1993 in the city of Voronezh. I participate in various exhibitions and projects. I have a higher education in architecture. My works are in private collections around the world. I collaborate with a Mexican gallery “Hector Diaz”

​I always talk about love and this is very important to understand when considering my work. Through art, I express basic feelings, ideas and themes that are relevant and important to modern society. War always begins with ourselves. The three main principles that I use in my work are logic, humor and emotion.​

My main goal is to show everyday life, something that concerns absolutely everyone in life. Provocative and shocking art that reveals different aspects of life and evokes emotions in everyone. I consider various topics, such as the relationship between men and women, love, everyday life, women in different life situations, but also, I designate the absurdity of many life moments and partly ridicule them. I never talk about feminism, but I can talk about matriarchy. But I also pay tribute to men in my work. I consider everyday life, especially the position of women and men in their relationships, the refutation of established stereotypes, the modern world and its main aspects, as the main influence on people’s lives. I reject as much as possible any stereotypes of society in my work. It’s like a riot on a ship, we don’t talk about it, but we always think about it.​

I express my ideas through painting, using oil and ink. Canvas and paints are my main material. I disprove all the laws of near and far objects in composition, but I always rely on color theory. I do not mix colors on the palette, thereby creating a certain edge, everything in my paintings is on the same plane, creating a separate world of our superficial stereotypical outlook on life. I work with bright and contrasting colors, as with the main perception on the human psyche. The heroes of my paintings do not have faces, because these works are about each person and anyone can render himself there.​

My work is often classified as erotic, but for me it is not. I lean towards conceptual art, where the meaning itself prevails over the image. For each collection, I use analysis and search for material, each topic is supported by real events from the lives of different people. The source of my inspiration is always people. Ordinary life, internal problems of society and the absurdity of all these situations. Sarcasm and deep philosophy, about this I base my conclusions.

​My practice is to show the viewer various contemporary issues that relate to his private life. Perhaps the ones he doesn’t even notice. To learn how to enjoy your life and love, you must always start with yourself. That is why my works are so bright and provocative that they excite everyone’s subconsciousness. The psychological impact, through the prism of humor and sarcasm, carries its main meaning, because absolutely everything can be perfect. I reject the standard ideas about life, about eroticism, about everyday life. Why are people so afraid of this, why are they afraid of themselves? Why are many questions still not valid? I try to reflect these and many more questions in my work.



I’m confused / Canvas, Oil, Ink / 70×90 cm

The idea came to me from my son when he unwrapped the rolls of toilet paper and he hid in it, that was only legs were sticking out. I saw this and thought, God, I also want to hide from everything around in a mountain of toilet paper.

I’m not there, I’m confused.

Housewives / Canvas, Oil, Ink / 70×90 cm

The women in my paintings are against the established stereotypes. My housewives show that you can be a beautiful and sexy woman anyway.

Compromise / Canvas, Oil, Ink / 140×90 cm

Compromise is something that one of the couple must always make.

That is a man.

Exit is useless / Paper, oil, link / 59×42 cm

You can exit or not. And what’s the point. What kind of lifestyle is becoming and what kind of carries a semantic character. This is despair or humility. Or maybe on the contrary, the joy of being? Why, when the usual way of life changes, it becomes so scary and uncomfortable. Restrictions cause anger, terrible fatigue comes. Nevertheless, it is worth learning to live, love and enjoy, give and receive. Here, even cats smoke from your gloom and tedium. They are pissed off by your depressed lifestyle.