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Sunahtah Jones

With this opportunity, I will be able to showcase my art on an international level and open up to networking opportunities that I have been dreaming of. I want my art to touch the world, one or many souls at a time. Each piece of art that I create is a medium through which captivatingly raw stories are told, and these are stories that the world needs to hear.

Higher Learning PT

My name is Sunahtah, and I am the artist behind SPICECAMVISUALS. I am a Black nonbinary Digital Artist and Photographer, originally from a small town called Hackensack, NJ. In 2014, I bought my first camera – a cheap nikon from groupon, for what started out as a soothing hobby. In 2020, I changed my life and left academia to move to Atlanta and become a full-time artist. Since then, I have evolved tremendously and solidified myself as a prominent digital artist and photographer. My artwork centers surrealism, deep tones, and raw emotion – eloquently illustrating a story with each component. I specialize in portrait photography, street photography and motion pictures. Through the worlds of photography and digital art, I show viewers the inside of my creative mind and present thought provoking material that captivates and leaves its mark.

Meta Physics
Mind Blown

Website: www.spicecamvisuals.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spicecamvisuals/