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Biography Taweechob was born in Bangkok 2002. When Taweechob first started learning and studying art and design he would be the first one at class every day, and the last one to leave. He needed to practice and work harder than anybody else because he was the slow learning person in class. The teacher told him to stay up late because he was below average. When asked about what it was like for him in the morning, he said: “I get up before the sun comes up,and I draw all day. He has so much passion and insatiable curiosity. Taweechob found beauty in imperfection and disorder; he sought not to renovate but to elevate everyday experience. In his short career Taweechob have made about 2600 artworks during his lifetime, including illustrations, drawings, screen prints, Ad, and photography. Taweechob works are chiefly digital. First, he will create a sketch to work out her compositions and figures, before transferring the completed idea onto the tablet. In some ways, leaves welcomed room for mistakes and experimentation. The facial expressions give off the idea that they probably aren’t enjoying themselves. “I have this unstoppable need to keep making, no matter what their inner voices or actual voices tell them,” he says,

Tiny little human