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Teuta Pashnjari

Teuta Pashnjari, originally from Albania, is a Fine Artist currently doing
her Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts and Media in Tampere, Finland. For
the past two years Teuta has been very active when it comes to
participating in art galleries and online exhibitions in Finland and around
the world. Her most recent group photography exhibition took place in
Rome, Italy during November 2020. Her works reflect mainly on human
emotions, personal perspectives, natural surroundings and dream like
sensations. Teuta is constantly seeking inspiration and ways to challenge
the ways she approaches the process of creating. Her main medium is
painting and drawing but she enjoys working with photography and video
works as well.


“Delicate” triptych, mixed media on paper, 2021
“Delicate” is a mixed media series that portrays black and white
photographs blended playfully in a self-made colorful environment.
The drawings are inspired by the global events of the last two years
that brought the need and desire to create fictional worlds through
painting and drawing.
“I get tired of reality most of the time. There are moments when
everything feels dull and colorless. There is always the need to
mentally escape a black and white reality and live carefree in the
radiant fictional milieu of my own imagination. I am truly happy to
be able to do that with my works. The action and process of it
calms and embraces me playfully and I feel so much alive after.”