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Coffee Story №3

The girl in the hat

My new friend today is Julia Mar, who is as big a fan of coffee as I am. She runs the fashion department at the vintage department store Lenin Street in Moscow. Having received the profession of art director, she decided to devote herself entirely to retro style. At first, retro style in clothing was just her hobby, which gradually became an integral part of life, the motto of every day.

Julia with great pleasure tells what brooches were worn in the 30s of the last century in the USSR, what kind of shoes were on the young ladies 40-50s, and what dresses were worn by Soviet fashionistas of the 70s.

Julia is the founder and host of a series of master classes on retro makeup and hairstyles, a regular participant of Moscow performances, art projects and the most famous historical festivals. “Borodino”, “Times and Epochs”, “Boulevards of Moscow” – for performances at these events, Yulia Mar prepares models with pleasure and great meticulousness-applies blush, curls and styles curls, makes up her eyes with black wide arrows and does a lot of other things to breathe in the ” old ” charm. At the famous annual festival of jazz music of the 50s “Manor Jazz”, she creates new images in the “old style” – hairstyles created by Julia resemble masterpieces from the canvases of artists, striking the viewer with the number of curls and carefully thought-out curls.

– Julia, please tell us some interesting facts from your creative biography and lifestyle.

– I’m a big fan of hats. Apparently wearing them is my calling. Naturally, these hats are in my favorite style-retro. This style is close to me in spirit, in feelings and understanding of the world. After all, much of what we have now in fashion is borrowed from the past. For many artists, designers and fashion designers, antiques are an inspiration and an example.

The staff of the vintage department store is already used to the originality of Julia. She can change the image several times a day, as well as the hat, depending on the mood. And sometimes it can change clothes during the day in “different eras”.

A pleasant surprise and admiration was caused by the recognition of Julia that she only wears old lace underwear!! Retro style is present in everything.

Julia loves to be photographed. Her model appearance seems to be created for this. And she does it … at home! Julia puts on vintage outfits and poses, simultaneously acting as a model and photographer. However, her home photos are in no way inferior to professional ones, and in terms of the amount of imagination they can even surpass.

It is always interesting to communicate with her, it is not boring to be friends with her and drink coffee together!

                                                                   Recorded by – Zhanna Zhukova,