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Triss Qian

Hi, I’m Yingzi Qian, an illustrator and animator based in London/Shanghai. My practice investigates the tensions between position, weight and balance, focusing on de-bordering through a humorous approach. As a customer-oriented artist with 3+years of freelance experience, I used to manage key visuals of Large-scale public events and explainer videos’ animating. I am good at listening attentively to specific requests and experts in helping visualize clients’  idea with dynamic design strategies.

On my trip to Cambridge, I created the first strip in the “Quack Agent” series. (the first image below)I was inspired by a suited ‘boatman’ whose canoe travels over River Cam across snowy white ducks. From then on, a suited man and duck flocks turned out to be the fixed roles in this publication. How will the wild and active duck flocks get along with the rules of a society dominated by the suited man? This comic book will offer you possibilities beyond your imagination. Based on a division between ‘good people’ and ‘evil elite,’ the illustrations provided a sarcastic approach to populism. You are welcome to view it from your political perspective, or fully enjoy the cute furry duck-butts.