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Katie McGuire

My paintings are usually portraits, figures, or partial figures. I usually paint homeless people, street musicians, and psychics or seers. My work is influenced by the art on the tarot cards and the symbolism in them. I use cartoon like drawing and unrealistic colors to create a world oscillating between dreams and reality. I use spray paint, oil paint, and sometimes collage elements to create the image. I let the spray paint drip. I use the handling of the paint and the touch to transmit an emotion or feeling.

Man In A Field of Flowers and Arrows

My painting is emotional and expressionistic to show an emotion about the person I am painting. I want to create an image of a mystical person in a mystical world. I am trying to paint their emotion, soul, mood or aura. I work from
photographs, but try to let the process of intuition and fantasy take over the process when I am painting. My paintings are influenced by Expressionism, Surrealism, the primitive and childlike drawing of Cobra, Abstract Expressionism, Bay Area Figurative, Beat Art and Symbolism.